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Healthcare - Chiropractic with French Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Dr. Tim French
Picture of Expert Dr. Tim French received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Hiram College, graduating with honors. He went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, with honors, from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri.

His interest in chiropractic began when his grandfather passed away in 1997. He was a healthy man, with no health concerns, but developed the flu and was given several different medications that ultimately caused his death.

Dr. French had always known that he wanted to be in the healthcare field and become a doctor, having always taken an exceptional interest in the human body. At the time of his grandfather's death, he knew he wanted to pursue a career that would not prescribe drugs, but rather, treat the body as a whole with natural healthcare.

Dr. French constantly strives to improve and update his knowledge in the field of Chiropractic and related studies. He has always strengthened his understanding of diagnosis and treatment of spine and joint disorders by attending continuing education seminars and reading current research. In his practice, Dr. French believes in customizing techniques and treatments to each patient and condition. His love of chiropractic and genuine concern for others are two qualities that impress those who know him well. It was this that caused him to open French Chiropractic and Wellness Center in January, 2002. After outgrowing the original office, the current clinic was designed and built in May, 2005, creating additional opportunities for patient treatment and wellness, and the opportunity to add associates, Dr. Hugh Cradduck, and Dr. Jessica Jordan.

Professionally, Dr. French is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Ohio State Chiropractic Association, and has served as past-president of the Northeast Ohio Academy of Chiropractic.

Dr. French and his wife, Julianne, originally from Geneva, now reside in Perry. They enjoy the beauty and culture of the area, as well as all the recreational activities the region provides.

6166 North Ridge Rd.
Madison, Ohio 44057
440-428-1755 -

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French Chiropractic and Wellness Center features an incredible team of health professionals and a state of the art facility in which you will discover the true wellness lifestyle. Please submit a question online or contact us at (440) 428-1755. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Questions & Answers:
Q: If I am involved in a car accident, do I need to visit the ER before seeing a chiropractor?
A: In the vast majority of cases, there is no need to visit the ER. We (French Chiropractic) will see as many victims of an accident who don't go the emergency room as those who do. While there is no particular need to visit the ER, there are reasons that one may or may not want to go.

The tremendous force generated in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) is often sufficient to fracture bones and rupture internal organs in a way that would not be common to other everyday accidents. While lifting a heavy box improperly might cause a sprain/strain injury or even herniate a disc in the low back, the trauma of an MVA may actually fracture and displace bony structures such that they impinge upon spinal nerves. The first scenario would give you an intense back ache and perhaps some pain into the arm or leg. The second might render the victim paralyzed or unable to breathe properly. In the second situation, advanced diagnostic imaging is warranted such as MRI and CAT. This kind of imaging is readily available in the ER, but is rarely found in private practice. Common sense would lead any of us to the ER if we were tending to an unconscious victim. Don't bring these to the chiropractic clinic, or a general medical practice for that matter.

What we often see is the patient who suffered a sprain/strain injury in an MVA, went to the ER and came away with pain meds and muscle relaxants after undergoing a battery of X-rays, and MRI and a CT scan. Had the patient come to the chiropractic clinic first, he would have been spared much of the radiation and expense; he also would have undergone a much more thorough physical evaluation and been rendered an accurate diagnosis without the major imaging and expense. If the patient were determined to be suffering from something more extraordinary, advanced imaging would be ordered right away.

In short, the majority of MVA (most MVAs are minor) victims can be evaluated and treated in the chiropractic clinic. If other treatment or diagnostic testing is required, it will be ordered as needed. If a patient goes directly to the ER, a battery of tests will generally be performed and a hefty expense incurred; very little physical examination will occur. More often than not, the patient will be diagnosed with some type of sprain/strain injury in either facility, with or without the host of expensive/invasive testing. The ER will likely send you home with drugs. We will treat the physical problem physically.

Q: I've experienced low back pain for many years. What can I expect to happen on my first visit to your clinic?
A: We are pleased with this question, as it illustrates a common lack of understanding that discourages many people from giving conservative care a try. Unfortunately, there are clinics, both medical and chiropractic, that try to treat a patient on the first day with only a cursory exam or no significant examination whatsoever. If this occurs to you, you've probably found a doctor who either doesn't have time for an exam, doesn't care about the real problem, or thinks he or she has already seen everything under the sun and you're no exception. You might also have found the doctor who does the same thing to everybody (bummer).

If you enter our clinic with a complaint of low back pain, you will be asked to fill out an intake form (3 pages) that asks you about the specifics of your complaint, as well as any insurance information when applicable. This may take several minutes depending on how much you wish to explain in writing. When this is finished you will be escorted to an examination room by an assistant who will sit down with you and ask you questions to expound on what you've already told us. The assistant will then record vital information such as blood pressure, height, weight, etc., and the results of all this will be handed to one of the doctors.

The doctor will then enter the room and ask a few questions from a more clinical standpoint, giving you time to answer to your satisfaction. Now that the clinical history has been taken, we will begin with examination procedures generally focused on your major complaint, but also covering other concerns you might have. You will receive a thorough neurological and orthopedic examination, meaning your reflexes, sensation and strength will be evaluated, and the anatomical structures that contribute to your pain will be identified through various non-invasive physical procedures.

You won't be subjected to needles and most people will get through the entire exam in their street clothes. If no X-rays have been taken in the recent past, new ones may be necessary. If so, you will be escorted to the appropriate room by an assistant and asked to put on a pair of shorts or a gown. Some clothing will allow for a proper X-ray without changing. If this is of concern simply ask the assistant what to wear when you make your appointment.

In the vast majority of cases, no hands-on treatment will be given on the first day. Chances are your X-rays will not be formally read until that night, at which time your complete exam will be reviewed to establish a treatment plan. You will be taken from the X-ray room to the front desk to schedule a convenient time for a report of our findings. This should be scheduled as soon as the next day, and during that visit we will address your questions about what's wrong, what can be done, what it will cost and how long it will take. With your consent, treatment would begin that day.

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