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2015-16 Scholastic Sports Broadcast & Stream Schedule
All basketball games follow JV and start at approximately 7:30pm
All teams and start times subject to change.
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Pat O'Brien Chevrolet2015-16 Stars of the Game...
-, -/- Congratulations to the VASJ boys basketball team
for making it to the Division III State Championships
and to all of our scholastic basketball teams!

Check back later this year for more exciting scholastic sports coverage.

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* This schedule is subject to change. Updates and playoff coverage will be posted when available.

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2015-16 Scholastic Basketball
Stars of the Game:
Sat, 3/12
Sherman Dean and Gene Higgins, VASJ
Wed, 3/9
Sherman Dean, VASJ
Sat, 3/5 Sincere Carry, Solon
Fri, 3/4 Jerry Higgins, VASJ
Wed, 3/2 Devon Conliffe, Willoughby South
Tues, 3/1 Kevin Roberts, VASJ
Sat, 2/27
Devon Conliffe, Willoughby South
Fri, 2/26 Alonzo Gaffney,VASJ
Wed, 2/24 Travis Piquet, Eastlake North
Sat, 2/20 Quinton Dove, Euclid
Fri, 2/19 Alex Nara, Mayfield
Drew Sova, Kenston
Fri, 2/12 Devanaire Conliffe, Willoughby South
Travis Piquet, Eastlake North
Tues, 2/9 Brandon Teske, Willoughby South
Andrew Valeri, Mentor
Sat, 2/6 Jerry Higgins, VASJ
Andrew Robinson
, Mentor
Travis Piquet, Eastlake North
Fri, 2/5 Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Charlie Finucan, Eastlake North
Tues, 2/2 Travis Piquet, Eastlake North
South Rebels Team, Willoughby South
Fri, 1/29 Rob Beardon, Brush
Michael Schwartz, Kenston
Tues, 1/26 Cam Bradford, Bedford
Sat, 1/23 Brandon Robinson, Eastlake North
Fri, 1/22 Travis Piquet, Eastlake North
C J Maynard, Kenston
Tues 1/12 Doug Burks, Willoughby South
Fri 1/8 Brandon Teske, Willoughby South
Brandon Barron, Eastlake North
Tues 1/5 Alexander Sulka, Chardon
Wed 12/30 Doug Burks, Willoughby South
Tues 12/29 Melvin Hill, Collinwood
Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Wed 12/23 Andrew Robinson, Mentor
Luke Farrell, Perry
Tues 12/22 C J Maynard, Kenston
Allen Sims, Mentor
Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Sat 12/19 Doug Burks, Willougby South
Fri 12/18 Andrew Valeri, Mentor
Travis Picquet, Eastlake North
Tues 12/15 Doug Burks, Willoughby South
Fri 12/11 Jack Korsock, Mentor
Tues 12/8
Jaylen Jenkins, Willoughby South
Sat 12/5
Jerry Higgins, VASJ
Kyle Andryscik, Eastlake North
Fri 12/4 Andrew Robinson, Mentor
Tues 12/1
Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South

Pat O'Brien Chevrolet
2015 Scholastic Football
Stars of the Game:

Sat, 11/21

Cole Gest, St. Edward

Fri, 11/20

Hudson High School Defense

Sat, 11/14

Cole Gest, St. Edward

Sat, 11/7

Alex Matthew, Mentor
Fri, 11/6
Michael Canganelli, Mayfield
Fri, 10/30 Jason Blizzard, Mentor
Kenny Uzarevic, Eastlake North
Tommy Benenati, Willoughby South
Fri, 10/23 Kenny Cook, Alex Matthews and Malik Porter, Mentor
Mario Monastero, Mayfield
Fri, 10/16 Michael Ballantine, Mentor
Zane Bunnell, Eastlake North
Jerry Slaughter, Willoughby South
Sat, 10/10 Evan Boyd, VASJ
Joseph Samac, Lake Catholic
Fri, 10/9 Zane Bunnell, Eastlake North
Alex Matthews, Mentor
Ramon Collins, Willoughby South
Fri, 10/2 Devanaire Conliffe, Willoughy South
Jason Blizzard, Mentor
Fri, 9/25 Josh Carafa, Riverside
Mike Federico, Willougby South
Sat, 9/19 Christian Topazio-Ackley, Lake Catholic
Gerry Higgins, VASJ
Fri, 9/18 Alex Mathews, Mentor
Joey Dinko, Chardon
Fri, 9/11 Chris Justice, Eastlake North
Jason Blizzard, Mentor
Thurs, 9/10 Chris Collins, Euclid
Fri, 9/4 Jason Blizzard, Mentor High School
Kenny Uzcaverik, Eastlake North
Fri, 8/28 Brandon Mount, NDCL
Jason Blizzard, Mentor

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Pat O'Brien Chevrolet
2014-15 Scholastic Basketball
Stars of the Game:
Sat, 3/21 VASJ vs. Youngstown Ursuline
Wed, 3/18 Simon Texidor, VASJ
Fri, 3/13 Carlton Bragg, VASJ
Thurs, 3/12 Joey Zaugg, Mentor
Derik Culver, Warren Harding
Mon, 3/9 Brian Parker, VASJ
Sun, 3/8 Kyle McIntosh, Mentor
Sat, 3/7 Armond Perry, Bedford
Fri, 3/6 Jeff Grudzinski, VASJ
Wed, 3/4 Joey Zaugg, Mentor
Fri, 2/27 Micah Potter, Mentor
Sean Grady, Eastlake North
Tues, 2/24 Sean Grady, Eastlake North
Fri, 2/20 Micah Potter, Mentor
Sat, 2/14 Devin West, Euclid
Fri, 2/13 Devonaire Conliffe, Willoughby South
Simon Texidor, VASJ
Tues, 2/10 Sean Grady, Eastlake North
Sat, 2/7 Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Fri, 2/6 Micah Potter, Mentor
Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Tues, 2/3 Jack Petrecca, Eastlake North
Sat, 1/31 Joey Zaugg, Mentor
Fri, 1/30 Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Micah Potter, Mentor
Thurs, 1/29 Carlton Bragg, VASJ
Tues, 1/27 Jack Whitaker, Willoughby South
Sat, 1/24 Samantha Pirosko, Eastlake North
Fri, 1/23 Kyle McIntosh, Mentor
Travis Picdquet, Eastlake North
Jemille Coleman, Willoughby South
Tues, 1/20 Andrew Coleman, Willoughby South
Fri, 1/16 Jack Petrecca, Eastlake North
Micah Potter, Mentor
Sat, 1/10 Carlton Bragg, VASJ
Tues, 1/6 Dan Danford, Willoughby South
Sat, 1/3 Kendrick Pittman, Euclid
Fri, 1/2 Terbell Beck, Cleveland Central Catholic
Conner Robinson, Lake Catholic
Tues, 12/30

Travis Piquet, Eastlake North

Mon, 12/29 Douglas Burks, Willoughby South
Sat, 12/27 Sean Grady, Eastlake North
Tues, 12/23 Jack Petrecca, Eastlake North
Mon, 12/22 Andrew Valeri, Mentor
Sat, 12/20 Carlton Bragg, VASJ
Fri, 12/19 Jack Petrella, Eastlake North
Tues, 12/16 Andrew Valeri, Mentor
Dan Danford, Willoughby South
Sat, 12/13 Carlton Bragg, VASJ
Fri, 12/12 Joey Zaugg, Mentor
Tues, 12/9 Anthony Coleman, Willoughby South
Fri, 12/5 Andrew Coleman, Willoughby South

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Pat O'Brien Chevrolet
2014 Scholastic Football
Stars of the Game:
Fri, 12/5 Benedictine Bengals championship football
Fri, 11/28 Andy Isabella, Mayfield
Sat, 11/22 Mitch Guadagni, Hudson
Fri, 11/21 Sam Skiljan, Kirtland
SAT, 11/15 Eddie Daugherty, Mentor
FRI, 11/14 Tyler Schulte, Willoughby South
SAT 11/8 Jarrell Jackson, Mentor
FRI 11/7 DJ Greene, Willoughby South
FRI 10/31 Jake Floria, Mentor
THUR 10/30

Tyler Schulte, Willoughby South

FRI 10/24 Mike Federico, Willoughby South
Zane Bunnell, Eastlake North
THUR 10/23 Mitchell Guadagni, Hudson
SAT 10/18 Jerome Baker, Benedictine
FRI 10/17 Marc Walton, Mentor
DJ Greene, Willoughby South
THUR 10/16 Zane Bunnell, Eastlake North
FRI 10/10 DJ Greene, Willoughby South
Eddie Daugherty, Mentor
SAT 10/4 Jacob Stauffer, VASJ Name
FRI 10/3 DJ Greene, Willoughby South
Nick Brooks, Madison
THUR 10/2 Jake Floria, Mentor
SAT 9/27 Jimmy Cvelbar, Lake Catholic
DJ Greene, Willoughby South
FRI 9/26 Alex Mathews, Mentor
Marcus Jones, Riverside
Fri, 9/19 Patrick Sullivan, Chardon
Alex Matthews, Mentor
DJ Greene, Willoughby South
Sat, 9/13 Jeffrey King, Lake Catholic
Fri, 9/12 Eddie Daugherty, Mentor
Chris Province, Eastlake North
DJ Greene, Willoughby South
Sat, 9/6 Alex Mathews, Mentor
Euclid defense, Euclid
Fri, 8/29 Adam Hess, Kirtland
Jake Floria, Mentor
Sat, 8/30

Trevon Williams & Marvell Ross, VASJ

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